Done Rite Cleaners Fort Wayne

Are you too busy to complete your everyday errands?

Our Fort Wayne Dry Cleaning service has been helping local residents with dry cleaning needs since 1986! Our Done Rite services are always next day service with same day service available. Drop off your dry cleaning one day and have it back the next! Dry cleaning keeps your clothes fresh and looking like new longer. Increase your garments lifespan with professional dry cleaning from Done Rite Cleaners.

Done Rite Cleaners Fort Wayne Covington Location

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Our current promo code is 0411, write this code on your coupon to recieve the full discount! Coupons without this code will be accepted at a lower discount.

Family owned and operated for 28 years

Our local, Fort Wayne owned and operated, company has been serving you since 1986 and we aren't slowing down any time soon. Call us today to set up your home delivery service. We also pick up for offices and businesses in Fort Wayne. Set up is as easy as calling 432-7358.

Service Price
Laundered Shirts $2.95 Each
Pants $5.95 Each
Shorts $5.95 Each
Suits $11.90 Each
3-Piece Suits $14.75 Each
Shirts $5.95 Each
Golf Shirts $5.85 Each
Sweaters $5.75 Each
Blouses $5.95 Each
Blazers $5.95 Each
Dresses $11.90 Each
Skirts $5.95 Each
Coats $14.00 Each
Caps $5.00 Each
Jackets $11.75 Each
Ties $4.35 Each
Jeans $5.95 Each